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The idea of the lamps is to add new values through interaction with different levels in the room. Allow the lights to become a part of the interior and the architecture. To elaborate how the shapes interact with their environment. The wall can be connected to the ceiling, the floor or other elements in the room.

It’s not just light, but an object that connects other things. The user can take control over the lamp by changing its position each day, and at the same time change the environment it’s in.

Two counterweights in fabric with two different shades, two pulleys included. You can move the lamps as you please just fix the pulley where you want to have the light, together or apart, high or low.

dmoch teresa  
  The cords is connected to pulleys, counterweight and shades. Two of each. dmoch teresa  

Wall and ceiling mounted suspension lamp with a counterweight in fabric.
Two pulleys in beech wood and brass included.

The shade has a unique and intriguing shape that gives poetry to the light and its surroundings.

dmoch teresa  

A suspension light that has a counterweight on the floor.
The pulley defines where the light should be.

dmoch teresa  
  Here the counterweight is in fabric on a podium in beech wood. dmoch teresa  
  The suspension lamp is connected via the cord with a floor lamp. The lamp allows connections between different levels of interaction in the space.

The top lamp, the shade has a magic touch to itself. Not more or less just a perfect balance. The floor shade is easy to move around in the room.
dmoch teresa  
  Just a metal spun aluminium shade with a single cut from the middle of the shade.
The cut makes a stand on the floor, desk, table etc.
dmoch teresa  
  Detail of the pulley in brass and beech wood. The cord runs smoothly in the block. dmoch teresa  
  The counterweight in close-up, brass details. It’s easy to move the cable back and forth in the counterweight to give the the right height to the lamp source. dmoch teresa  

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